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Once your surgeon has referred you to Brisbane South Private Hospital for your day surgery, our theatre booking staff will schedule your procedure. Your surgeon will provide you with an information pack specific to Brisbane South Private Hospital, which contains important details to help you prepare for your procedure. It is essential to read the documentation and complete all admission pre-procedure screening tools before your surgery day. Please send the paperwork to the referring clinic prior to your surgery.


A member of our staff will contact you the day before your procedure to discuss your admission and discharge details.


During this call, they will confirm:

  • Your admission time

  • The expected duration of your stay at Brisbane South Private Hospital

  • Any fasting instructions

  • Transport and parking arrangements

  • The name and phone number of the person responsible for taking you home

  • Details regarding out-of-pocket payments, if applicable

  • Answers to any questions you may have about your day surgery admission


You may also be asked to discuss:

  • Any allergies you may have

  • Recent illnesses or medical conditions

  • Any current medications you are taking


Remember, our team is here to assist you, so please don't hesitate to ask any questions you may have.


Our reception staff will advise you of any out of pocket expenses from the hospital. You will receive separate accounts from your surgeon and  anaesthetist. We recommend checking with your health fund to confirm your level of coverage. Any expenses not covered by your health fund will need to be paid on the day of your surgery. We accept cash, cheque, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and EFTPOS.


If you experience any illness in the days leading up to your procedure, such as a cough, cold, or any other ailment, it is important to notify Brisbane South Private Hospital. Your surgery may need to be rescheduled until you have fully recovered.


One or two days prior to your procedure  our nursing staff will give you a call to provide the following information:

Your arrival time

  • Your fasting times

  • Transport and parking arrangements

  • The length of time you can expect to be at the day surgery

  • Your post-operative care


The nurse will go over the following with you:


  • Your medical history, including any past illnesses or surgeries

  • Any allergies you may have to food or medications

  • Any specific dietary needs you may have

  • Who will be responsible for taking you home and staying with you on the night of your procedure.

This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions or concerns you might have regarding your admission and the post-operative care that you will need. This call will take approximately 10 minutes.


  • Shower or bath at home – you may use deodorant, but do not use talcum powder, face creams, makeup, perfumes or after shave.

  • You may wear your wedding ring, but leave all other jewelry at home.

  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • It is important to continue all your normal medications unless you have been instructed otherwise.

  • Bring all medications in original containers with you

  • If you have diabetes or are taking blood thinning medication, you will need to discuss the management of your medications with your dentist and anaesthetist.

  • Please arrange for a responsible adult to drive or accompany you home.



On your arrival at the day surgery:


  • Park in the designated Brisbane South Private Hospital parking or the additional street parking out the front of the building

  • Go upto level 5 via the left to reception where our reception staff will confirm your admission details and accept payment for any out of pockets.


Please ensure you bring the following items with you to Brisbane South Private Hospital:

  • ID

  • Any outstanding paperwork

  • Your Medicare card

  • Your health fund card

  • Payment (if applicable)

It is important to wear loose clothing that allows easy access to your arms. Additionally, please wear flat, closed-in shoes and avoid wearing makeup, face cream, or nail polish.


Our admission staff will assist you in completing any remaining paperwork or financial consent details before the nursing staff begins their clinical admission. The nursing staff will also inform your caregiver of the time you will be ready to be picked up.


You will have a private consultation with the anaesthetist before your procedure. He will ask you about your general health, allergies, your current medications and any previous surgery or illnesses. You may be asked to sign a consent form for the anaesthetic.


During your procedure you will be monitored by the anaesthetist.


The procedure will be performed under GA, IV Sedation or Local Anaesthetic.


In the operating theatre you may be aware of noises from the equipment or the voices of the staff and you will see the nurses setting up the sterile equipment for your procedure.


After your surgery

After your procedure at Brisbane South Private Hospital, you will be taken to our recovery room where a nurse will monitor your recovery. Light refreshments will be offered if you have been fasting. Once you have fully recovered and are ready to leave, your carer can pick you up. The nurse will provide you with written instructions for your post-operative care and address any concerns you may have.


If you have a dressing, please follow the care instructions provided. You may receive a prescription for post-operative medications, which you should continue taking as prescribed by your surgeon. If your surgeon needs to see you after the surgery, they will schedule an appointment. Your surgeon will also inform you when you can resume normal activities. You can eat and drink normally upon discharge, but you should not drive for 24 hours. Please arrange for a responsible adult to drive or accompany you home.


Things to avoid

  • Driving a car\Signing important documents

  • Drinking alcohol and smoking

  • Operating machinery

  • Any strenuous activity

  • Looking after small children

Allow yourself time to recover and rest during the first 24 hours.


One of our nurses will call you in the first couple of days following your procedure to check how you are going and get some feedback about your procedure.

Your surgeon will schedule any post-operative appointments required.


Brisbane South Private Hospital was set up to offer the highest possible standard of care for our patients. If you as a patient or your family members need information or assistance in resolving issues concerning your admission, please feel free to call our Director of Nursing on 07 3154 3100


Hospital 07 3154 3100 

Sessional Suites 07 3154 3199

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